So I'm working 12 hours a day now, and I bike home along Ankeny which there are always people lazing about around the bike shop, and upon their front porches, and I think "someday, someday I'll join the leisure class."

The long days aren't so bad though really.  I'm probably learning a lot and the work is kind of interesting and my co-workers are really great for the most part.  I'm just dealing with a sort of life-span length delayed gratification, which let's face it that's a long time!

ultimate glow

this is just an effect I can't get enough of!  The power of the Ricoh FF1!

two fronts

Portland International Airport

Downtown Wilson, NC

Some blatant rule of thirds photos today.  Fallin off!


they were putting up a pier.  Elsewhere in Morehead City they were driving pile, I'm guessing for someone's foundation to their home, but they were doing it in some low-lying area, so I imagine they were dealing with seepage issues.  Permanent or even quasi permanent things that go toe to toe with the tide are always fascinating, I think.  My favorite beach activity is digging holes down to the water and then to try to maintain the hole.



These black and white ones are from Wilson, NC, which as a photographer knowing that there are millions (literally) of little towns like this kind of keeps you going, if you're in my shoes.

DD was nice enough to get a child's seat on her bike so boy and I toured hard.  For the South it seemed bikable enough.  We didn't get smashed.

faulkner neon

Next year I'll have to come back here with some color slide film (if it's still in existence by that time) for another go at this shot. Golden oldies. Southern style.

dd's front yard

classic shot this last one.  Almost enough to make me want to get back in the dark-room.

Bon Voyage to Jake who's taking what sounds like a radical 2 month road trip through the western US, starting off tomorrow.  Good time of year for it.  I always love the fall.
Fish store.  Not bad!

a whole roll pt. II

 We found a tube which was clearly pretty interesting.

wet gutter

a whole roll

 My family was out in NC so Jake and I went out on a photo day.  I'm out of practice.

Kind of a waste of a roll of film and processing fees.

beach scenes

We usually try to get out to the club at least for one beach day per trip.

I like to walk up and down the beach and try to take pictures.

new baby was sleeping through it all.

Shot some slide film on the point and shoot

Always a dicy move.  These came out cool enough though.
The South