Our new Apt (off on the right).  Unit 69.  It's an ex-retirement home complex.  Not much to say.  Reminiscent of one of our old apartments.  The price is right and being around 39th and Hawthorne is kind of fun.  Same with that area of Belmont.  We're hoping to stick it out here for a while and not move again in 9 months.
39th is a bit of a wall, usually.  It's my route to that Freddies over there, which might be one of my favorite stores of all time.  The mini mart on 39th there right by the Arco is also top of the pop.  Walgreens also surprisingly had some un-beatable beer deals, which I won't pass up as a matter of principle.
Plus we're right by Laurelhurst park, which I've never really gotten to know but am liking upon these first few weeks of passing through.  So far I've seen an S&M party (people tying each other up with ropes and trying out new knotting techniques), some boobies (a photo-shoot slash exhibitionism session), lots of slack-lining (think tight rope walking), some drum circles (literally), plenty of street people and insanity, meditators, kids, and the ducks at the pond diving for snacks.  The ducks and the boobies were the best.  All that other stuff is so Portlandy it's like give it a rest people.  Settle down.

It's been fun to move somewhere, then get rid of 1/3 of our stuff, then double our amount of kids, and now it's heat apocalypse, which I always enjoy.

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