Granny passed

Granny died this morning at 8:18 AM.  She was a good lady.

A little Keizer modernism.  I've been really drawn to houses with flatly angled roofs like this.  Cool look.


Took a drive to Keizer

Dropped boy off and drove around for a while.
An inappropriate film for sunlight!

Works good for in the Starbucks though.

photo by P.  Chilling in Singapore in the hotel.
This was the island bar where P got sicker than a god from their well water boogers and probable parasites.  It was not good.  Luckily gatorade or some equivalent was available on the mainland (sic).

Underwater Friedlander chin.


Muffin explosion!

baby party

Baby parties are pretty fun.  First of all it's almost like being at the dog park, by which I mean I guess I'm a dog person but kids are amazing too.  But getting to see everyone's parenting styles is kind of illuminating too.  Boy and I walked to this one 5 days after baby was born.  We had a good time.

Eventually I'd like to do a series on mini marts.  They are so cool looking.  Got to figure out a film/lens combo to get it to work though.  Probably want to do it at night.


2 weeks

Put in my actual 2 weeks at work.  Feels good.

neighborhood go to places

Our local gyro factory #1.  There is also a food cart pod up the road.  I like the restaurants gyro better.  The cart one I thought I was going to barf, but it seemed headier.  This is that 2 Brothers Balkan restaurant at the corner of Belmont and 39th.  Not bad!

At the Double Tree

total quick bike shot.


sea is smooth

South China Sea on vacation on some tropical island.  I was wading out in the water and was wishing I could capture what I was seeing.  The tiniest lightbulb went off and I ran up to shore, across the beach, and back to our hut for my underwater disposable camera that I had bought on a whim.  I couldn't stop taking this picture.  The camera was one of James' favorite toys for a while so it lived in his toy box till now.  I got him a new disposable for his birthday (that he instantly smeared cupcake on) so I took the beefier one in for processing.  This lag between taking the picture and getting it back is fun, as B has noted.