NW -> SE

Programming note:  The human formerly known as baby is now known as Boy.  There is a new baby in the house!  She's a keeper and will assume the role of baby here forthwith.

Midst of moving.

We'll miss NW Portland but it's a fine place to visit.


Oh you better believe I washed the windows as we were moving out.  Plus looking at that beat old place across the way was always one of my favorites.
This is our new bathroom. 

last days of having just one baby

My current bike. Two words come to mind: "bad to the bone."  I'm pretty happy with it, for the most part.  Pumped up the tires last night and oiled the chain.  Now I worry that the pedals are creaky.  I guess I should get it in for a tune up.  I really liked my white bike and put some serious miles on that thing.  Now Crisp is taking good care of it and I'm onto this pumpkin monster.  Time marches on as Toby Maguire is probably fond of saying.

I'll miss much about the old place-- proximity to Wallace Park, proximity to work, coming home for lunch, having a finished basement where I could watch netflix and study and drink liquor, parking in the garage, and the bad light in the back yard.  I'll also really miss the superb construction and carpentry of the place-- the lines in there were sharp and the angles exact.

That being said it's great to be someplace where we feel more comfortable and our budget isn't dominated by paying rent.  Plus our new neighborhood is really fun!



baby mispronounces his surname as roses, as in "Grandma Roses."  Very Portlandy.


lefts over

From a roll of Fuji Neopan 400 film.  Pretty fun stuff!


bby j 2nd bday

Happy birthday to the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.
How did this get so crooked?  Neat tones though.

nice one

nice one

down under the fremont


My favorite effect, the light coming through the dark.

It's babies birthday today.  He's 2.  Pretty fun stuff.  Was hoping baby2 would be born today but it's not looking like that's happening.  I guess the day is young.  Nervous!


nw walk

Dropped off some film the other day, picked some up, and had a rainy photo walk. I had told Jake, and it almost holds true still, but my mind was racing, photographically speaking. Moving usually gets me going too. So we'll see what happens. I did buy a two pack of disposables today after being caught with nothing. I think we'll give one of them to baby for his birthday, which is Thursday.

how about something much different

Not my average picture.  Pretty good prices (?) over at Bonnies Burgers.  Like Overton and 21st in NW.  Our old hood.  Some psychedelic stuff going on with this roll.