The best advice I could give someone would be get a two year old. So fun.

oh ektar you so crazy

Two stops too open.
These are from the rarely dusted off Mamiya 645, my sole remaining SLR in rotation.  When you take a picture it sounds like a firearm.


I'm the principle photographer for a wedding June 1st (I think I'm the principle, unless the b/g are being coy).  Luckily I also have a new job starting this summer and a baby due in a month, so the anxiety dreams have lots of good ammo.  Anyhow, if the wedding photos can come out as good as this rose picture I think we're going to be ok.  The roses have been amazing this year.


As Uncle Al said "A boy's got to have a hobby"

so I bought a new pair of shoes, same as the old shoes.  And I got a tripod and one flash and a cable release and I dinked around, trying for pseudo studio lighting.

pretty close!  Right?

Shots in the dark all.  Pretty fun to experiment.  It's one place where digital would be better (instant reinforcement).



They get some pretty brilliant looking soccer matches going on over at the field.

this lifer

They condemned Joes Cellar so Chris and I tried Nob Hill B&G as a neighborhood haunt.  We got a seat out on the sidewalk, which was pretty fun.  They have a pretty agreeable clientele and the first beer I got out of the tap was completely rotten.  I think we have a winner!


Instead of 3 in the key it'd be 3 on the drain.

mostly exterior.

The North Park Blocks-- hard to get it just right.  I know there's potential down there but reaching potential was always a weakness of mine.
NW Portland; the soon to be razed CNW property.
SE Portland.
From the waterfront for Cinco de Mayo I'm guessing.
Sellwood.  Baby and I get around on that bike!

Dang if this one was a little less crooked it could have been an all-timer!  Why is it so hard to get straight up and down lines?
Sellwood again.  Fun times around sunset.


willamette views

square in the river
hard angle on the path


dog park

unfortunately dog is a grouch and doesn't play well with other dogs.  Going to the dog park used to be the best.