backyard portraits

I think our backyard could be an epic photo portrait studio.  I tested the theory out the afternoon after I took my 2nd CPA test.  I have a special portrait camera that gathers dust otherwise.  So I took a whole roll.  There are a few missing shots-- I might have taken some pictures on another camera.  I hope so.  I remember hitting the button once and being excited, but I don't see that one here.

I like to celebrate finishing a CPA test section by drinking lots of beers.  P was ... not thrilled.  We'll celebrate some other way for the next one P!  Maybe a nice chicken dinner out?  I'll start lining up a sitter.

Me and brother are not comfortable in front of the camera.  This was later in the day-- the light had flattened considerably.  Also the camera tilted to hot-dog style.

I'm hoping to take many more out there.  Come over if you want to "sit" for one or a few.  This the first time in a long time a whole roll was people pictures, and probably the first time in his life that baby wasn't a prominent subject in a roll.  He's conspicuously absent.

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Unknown said...

John, these are really good! Killing it.