singapore out-take

From a hawker center.  They always had a juice booth with fresh squeezed juices for like $2.  P was partaking hard.


home stripes

I've become fascinated by these type of striped pictures.  I imagine with a few flashes and a tripod I could get this scene to be pretty neon.  Maybe someday!


backyard portraits

I think our backyard could be an epic photo portrait studio.  I tested the theory out the afternoon after I took my 2nd CPA test.  I have a special portrait camera that gathers dust otherwise.  So I took a whole roll.  There are a few missing shots-- I might have taken some pictures on another camera.  I hope so.  I remember hitting the button once and being excited, but I don't see that one here.

I like to celebrate finishing a CPA test section by drinking lots of beers.  P was ... not thrilled.  We'll celebrate some other way for the next one P!  Maybe a nice chicken dinner out?  I'll start lining up a sitter.

Me and brother are not comfortable in front of the camera.  This was later in the day-- the light had flattened considerably.  Also the camera tilted to hot-dog style.

I'm hoping to take many more out there.  Come over if you want to "sit" for one or a few.  This the first time in a long time a whole roll was people pictures, and probably the first time in his life that baby wasn't a prominent subject in a roll.  He's conspicuously absent.

so, how'd I do? Pretty good!

BOY line my guess my result
1 z - Miami 66 16
61 Over Win
2 y - New York 54 28
45.5 Under Loss
3 y - Indiana 49 32
50.5 Under Win
4 x - Brooklyn 49 33
44.5 Over Win
5 x - Chicago 45 37
47.5 Under Win
6 x - Atlanta 44 38
42.5 Over Win
7 x - Boston 41 40
50.5 Under Win
8 x - Milwaukee 38 44
35.5 Over Win

Philadelphia 34 48
46.5 Under Win

Toronto 34 48
31.5 Over Win

Detroit 29 53
31.5 Under Win

Washington 29 53
31.5 Under Win

Cleveland 24 58
31.5 Over Loss

Charlotte 21 61
22.5 Under Win

Orlando 20 62
23.5 Under Win
Western Conference


1 z - Oklahoma City 60 22
59.5 Under Loss
2 y - San Antonio 58 24
53.5 Over Win
3 x - Denver 57 25
48.5 Over Win
4 y - LA Clippers 56 26
49.5 Over Win
5 x - Memphis 56 26
47.5 Under Loss
6 x - Golden State 47 35
34.5 Over Win
7 x - LA Lakers 45 37
59.5 Over Loss
8 x - Houston 45 37
30.5 Over Win

Utah 43 39
42.5 Over Win

Dallas 41 41
44.5 Under Win

Portland 33 49
35.5 Under Win

Minnesota 31 51
39.5 Over Loss

Sacramento 28 54
30.5 Under Win

New Orleans 27 55
24.5 Over Win

Phoenix 25 57
33.5 Under Win

24-6, for an 80% win percentage. I should guess for 5 years and if I can keep this up I'll start laying some dough on it! Original post here.




I take my 2nd CPA test Sunday morning.  Come over that afternoon for a BBQ if you like, say at 330PM.  We'll have lots of icy beers, babies crawling around, free tax advice, etc.

Email me I'll give you our new address: 50backflipsATgmailDOTCOM.  Love to see you!

Also Saturday night at Tiga Bar Jake's group photo show opens.  I got a couple pictures in there.  Check that out!


Hot stuff

Same guy? (scroll down). Lightning strikes all the time, as they say.  I'll take this over a unicyclist any time man.  Say what you will.  I always do.  Me and baby were muggin.




April is here, our windows are open, the heat is off, and the morning air smells like flowers. 

baby pictures