Well I took my first CPA test.  There are four of them.  I find out my score on March 11th.  This waiting is something else!  P has a nasty flu and baby is down with G+G, bless their hearts.  I'm about to start in earnest studying for the next section.  I'm sitting for that one on April 7th.  I won't find out my score on that one until May 6th!  Frack!  I have some film that's been waiting for me for like a week at the lab.  I'm not holding my breath that there will be any good ones on there.

When I picture a too perfect retirement I picture this chair, a book, and lots of hot and cold and room temp beverages.

Actually my perfect retirement chair would be outside under an awning and the view would be less awesome (quieter), and it'd be perpetual dusk.  The bugs would be loud.  I guess that means it's NC!  If you haven't been you should go.  That place is pretty great.

100% sober March?  100% sober March.  Frack pt.II


skunkbay said...

Hope Pace gets better. Sandy had a bad case a while back. The retirement chair would be perfect if it was a couple of thousand miles south.

Skunkbay said...

Oh ya He has another house 2000 miles south and I am goin down there the end of April!

John said...

you're doing it! PV is a heck of a place