was freeing up some space on my ipod.  My profile now looks like "white male, long ago gave up on trying to keep with it."  Black Sabbath and ZZ Top and rap jams I'll never give up on, jazz music and really mellow punk rock.  Nothing from this millenium maybe, most likely.  Unfortunately I can't confirm that.  Most of it has been cobbled together over time from cds checked out from the library.  Music so cool your librarian will recommend it to you.  But anyhow I guess since I didn't buy it on itunes it doesn't have the release date info.  I'd like to check this out.  The Chen!  What is your rap game looking like?  What would I put on if we had a party?  (answer-- kids music or Christmas music, duh).


wife said...

Raffi is all the rage with the toddler set.

TH Chen said...

Yeah boi!


and also