front of the roll

My future building off in the distance.  I always wanted to be a yuppie, maybe.  That or not. 

two takes

Mail trucks. Also note to self the light meter in the FF-1 is smart enough!  Also I love how the light pole is in the shot and the lights on top are too, kind of.


checking in on my nba "bets"

I broke down and created a spreadsheet.  I mathed it hard!

Team Line guess Wins @ 3/19/13 Losses @ 3/19 projected W projected L Projected Results
Heat 61 over 52 14 65 17 WINNER
Lakers 59.5 over 36 33 43 39 LOSER
Thunder 59.5 under 50 17 61 21 LOSER
Spurs 53.5 over 51 16 62 20 WINNER
Celtics 50.5 under 36 30 45 37 WINNER
Pacers 50.5 under 41 26 50 32 WINNER
Clippers 49.5 over 46 21 56 26 WINNER
Nuggets 48.5 over 46 22 55 27 WINNER
Bulls 47.5 under 36 30 45 37 WINNER
Grizzlies 47.5 under 45 21 56 26 LOSER
76ers 46.5 under 26 40 32 50 WINNER
Knicks 45.5 under 39 26 49 33 LOSER
Mavericks 44.5 under 32 35 39 43 WINNER
Nets 44.5 over 39 28 48 34 WINNER
Hawks 42.5 over 37 30 45 37 WINNER
Jazz 42.5 over 34 33 42 40 LOSER
T'Wolves 39.5 over 23 42 29 53 LOSER
Bucks 35.5 over 33 32 42 40 WINNER
Blazers 35.5 under 31 35 39 43 LOSER
Warriors 34.5 over 39 30 46 36 WINNER
Suns 33.5 under 23 45 28 54 WINNER
Cavs 31.5 over 22 45 27 55 LOSER
Pistons 31.5 under 23 45 28 54 WINNER
Raptors 31.5 over 26 41 32 50 WINNER
Wizards 31.5 under 23 43 29 53 WINNER
Rockets 30.5 over 36 31 44 38 WINNER
Kings 30.5 under 23 44 28 54 WINNER
Hornets 24.5 over 22 46 27 55 WINNER
Magic 23.5 under 18 49 22 60 WINNER
Bobcats 22.5 under 15 52 18 64 WINNER

I've already won the Warriors and Rockets bets.  Plus the Lakers are so far under they might miss the playoffs.  Overall I'd say that averages out to a win/win.  The formatting is a little jacked.  Blogspot is an endangered species.  My excel skills are improving though.

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beast slain

I passed my first CPA section!  It's the nutcrackinest section, by most accounts.  OR IT WAS!

*drops the mic*
*roundhouse kick to the epidermis*
*karate chop a triceratops*
*clinks glass*
*chugs unpasteurized milk*

Sober March has been a bust.  I wish I weren't so bull headed about my resolutions, my resolve.  This demands celebration!



was freeing up some space on my ipod.  My profile now looks like "white male, long ago gave up on trying to keep with it."  Black Sabbath and ZZ Top and rap jams I'll never give up on, jazz music and really mellow punk rock.  Nothing from this millenium maybe, most likely.  Unfortunately I can't confirm that.  Most of it has been cobbled together over time from cds checked out from the library.  Music so cool your librarian will recommend it to you.  But anyhow I guess since I didn't buy it on itunes it doesn't have the release date info.  I'd like to check this out.  The Chen!  What is your rap game looking like?  What would I put on if we had a party?  (answer-- kids music or Christmas music, duh).



one of baby's favorite words is TREE.  He's a real hoot.



These are from ages ago.



There's definitely a community in NW Portland, and it's one we're not a part of really.  So that's disconcerting.


lots of lightbulbs in the basement.  I had to unscrew some of them for the mood I'm usually going for down there (intense study).  This is obviously with the aid of a flash.



Well I took my first CPA test.  There are four of them.  I find out my score on March 11th.  This waiting is something else!  P has a nasty flu and baby is down with G+G, bless their hearts.  I'm about to start in earnest studying for the next section.  I'm sitting for that one on April 7th.  I won't find out my score on that one until May 6th!  Frack!  I have some film that's been waiting for me for like a week at the lab.  I'm not holding my breath that there will be any good ones on there.

When I picture a too perfect retirement I picture this chair, a book, and lots of hot and cold and room temp beverages.

Actually my perfect retirement chair would be outside under an awning and the view would be less awesome (quieter), and it'd be perpetual dusk.  The bugs would be loud.  I guess that means it's NC!  If you haven't been you should go.  That place is pretty great.

100% sober March?  100% sober March.  Frack pt.II