NW Portland

strike zone.  Took a walk a while ago.  Studying is hard!


feb 14

happy vd to everybody and happy 4th of July Anniversary to Mrs. P my great lady.


icy breath

 From the MacLeay trail, or whatever it's called.  This top one is an all-timer!



from a Saturday walk around the neighborhood.



winter is the best time to take pictures.


This beat freddies

Freddies is my favorite but the stadium branch sucks.

my mistake

When you underexpose the ocean in the day by 2 stops
Kind of neat

Night fog

It was a foggy night.  I'd have taken more pictures but I was starving!  We ended up getting some thai takeout.  It was so good. 

We found out this morning that baby #2 is a little healthy girl!  Normal sized and 100% good images on the ultra-sound.  So good news! 



who you got in the superbowl?  I think the 9ers roll.  We'll see.  We've been lucky with good superbowls since the steelers/niners whoops Seahawks in the mid 00's, which I remember was not competitive.  The first Patriots/Giants tilt was an absolute classic (I most remember eating some pizza that did not sit well at all and soured me on Stark Naked pizza forever) and the Saints Colts game was great too.  Loved that onside kick to start the 2nd half.

I hope it's a good game and that I get to eat some chili or some nachos or some pizza (non-food poisoning version would be good) or some chips and dip.  Well, and/or.

Multnomah Village

Rob Metnick got married on a Saturday and that Sunday him all his buddies were hanging at the Bears bar in Multnomah Village watching NFL. I forget what the bar is called (it's the ship possibly) but it's a real winner. I biked out there and got to watch a half of football before being called home. It's nice to have a bike ride now and then.