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There's some kind of potential down there with the weird willowy trash caught in the trees.  I've tried to capture it a few times. 


TMAX 3200

I'm glad I was able to incorporate tmax 3200 into a project before it was discontinued.  It is a hell of a film to try to use.  Way better on prints than online.


old hood

They bulldozed this Safeway.  Out on Barbur


Dan- Bon Voyage

From the only going away party that I was able to make (I hear there have been dozens).  My circle of friends is about to get way uglier, on average (that's just a joke, I don't have a circle of friends).  Wilson's a curve-buster.

P and I had a hot date over the weekend.  Baby was getting baby-sat and we hit the town.  I got made fun of at Joe's Cellar.  You better believe I've come up with some pretty good come-backs over the last 72 hours though!


we moved

So far I still haven't found my sunglasses and one vase broke en route.  Other than that, we're pretty much settled in.



point and click blues.  James Bond never visited the Northern Pacific, I'm guessing.

Our new years celebration found us out at the beach in my uncles' beautiful beach house (above is their view-- not bad!) with baby puking everywhere.  He parties hardy.


our neighbors place.



That really bright jade up there has been flowering all winter.  Kind of neat!



Tillamook River. Tillamook is a big dairy area so it always stinks, it floods like every other year, and it's not even at the beach. Why is it even there? Oh well I'll go and enjoy it every now and then.


Oceanside Beach
Tillamook River



The best holiday-- food, family, wine, dips, football, and full on fall.


Happy 2013

I turned 30 yesterday.  It was a pretty good day.