Keizer Target is a pretty good one.

Guest bath

an answer to this, kind of.  I was more interested in the sun coming through that towel.



Keizer Oregon.
On a rainy day.


Anyone out there a notary?  Anyone know a notary?  I need your book!  50backflips@gmail.com email me!

ok that's the whole roll.

Ok, the toilet paper cover thing is called a life guard?  Seems a little melodramatic.  If you get germs on your butt-cheeks, it's not that big a deal.  It's your butt-cheek.  (I'm a little proud to remember why I would take a toilet picture, as if I need an excuse...)

rippin it.


bike shots



Some shots from Broadway on the West Side. Hope everybody had a nice XMAS.



new place

Usually moving unleashes a torrent of creativity, writing, doing projects, new photo ideas, etc. Usually I don't have a baby and the world's hardest licensure tests hanging on my shoulders. Turning 30 in 12 days too! Woot.  The future will be different than before.



Team Blowin it.  Liked the yellow curbs and the yellow trees.  In the UK they say Kurbs, or Kerbs, not sure which.  Dummies!  Just kidding!


checking in

just for fun

2013 NBA Win Totals                                                             record as of 12/12
Miami Heat 61 Take the over                                                  14/5; on pace for 60.42.  They cruisin
Los Angeles Lakers 59½ over                                                9/13; pace for 33.54 wins!  YES!
Oklahoma City Thunder 59½ under                                        17/4; 66.4 wins.  I suck at this
San Antonio Spurs 53½ over                                                   18/4; 67 wins.  Finally!
Boston Celtics 50½ under                                                        11/9; 45.1
Indiana Pacers 50½ under                                                        10/11; 39
Los Angeles Clippers 49½ over                                              15/6; 58.6
Denver Nuggets 48½ over                                                        11/11; 41
Chicago Bulls 47½ under                                                          11/9; 45.1
Memphis Grizzlies 47½ under                                                   14/4; 63.78
Philadelphia 76ers 46½ under                                                  12/9; 46.86
New York Knicks 45½ over  Under (changed 10/19)              16/5; 62.5 always go with 1st guess

Dallas Mavericks 44½ under                                                     11/10; 43
Brooklyn Nets 44½ over                                                              11/9; 45.1
Atlanta Hawks 42½ over                                                             12/6; 54.67
Utah Jazz 42½ over                                                                     12/10; 44.7
Minnesota Timberwolves 39½ over                                            9/9; 41
Milwaukee Bucks 35½ over                                                        10/9; 43.16
Portland Trail Blazers 35½ under :(                                             9/12; 35.14 barely green
Golden State Warriors 34½ over                                                 14/7; 54.67
Phoenix Suns 33½ under                                                             7/15; 26
Cleveland Cavaliers 31½ over                                                     5/17; 18.63, but Kyrie is now in
Detroit Pistons 31½ under                                                            7/17; 23.9
Toronto Raptors 31½ over                                                             4/18; 14.9
Washington Wizards 31½ under                                                  3/15; 13.67 but no Wall yet
Houston Rockets 30½ over                                                           9/11; 36.9
Sacramento Kings 30½ under                                                      7/13; 28.7
New Orleans Hornets 24½ over                                                    5/15; 20.5
Orlando Magic 23½ under  and that's the lock of the century I think.  8/12; 32.8 DUMMY
Charlotte Bobcats 22½ under                                                        7/13; 28.7

I'm 18 to the good and 12 to the bad.  Many of my goods are too close to call and many of my bads (including my lock of the century Magic guess) are way off.

Over guesses I'm 9 to the good and 6 to the bad
Under guesses I'm 9 to the good and 6 to the bad.  Weird.

Also, Christmas colors!  18/30= 60%, enough to make money as far as I understand (57% is the actual magic number that I've heard).  Let's see what happens maybe at the all-star break.  I should make a spreadsheet for this.

Disclaimer: I've never gambled on sports in my whole life, but listen to a podcast where some of the people are degenerates.  (BS Report with Bill Simmons, from ESPN)

Original text: 
Neither under nor over now look like real words.  

Let's see how I do in May.  If we remember.  Also, this is without any research
about the small trades or the rookies, basically.  I will probably pick Charlotte 
for the over next year though #MKG.  Just going by my first guess, except I changed
my mind on Miami.  Nah, I'll change that back.  Over it is.  
Also, disclaimer I'm not betting any money on any of these picks. 
It's just fun to have on the record, esp after my epic Facebook (fb) prediction. 
Totals from Bovada.LV via Blazersedge.com
EDIT I think the Knicks should be under.   If it's not too late to change that... 
EDIT 10/19 Dirk just had knee surgery.  My Mavs prediction is veering into lock of the century status. 
I don't know when I suggested the Knicks should be under, but it was def (and still is) pre-season. 
I'm changing it!

driveway/front yard

word of the day: Copacetic.  From Google: 
In excellent order.



hope everybody's having a nice December!  I think this is a picture from out in the 'burbs.  We were looking for Goodwills and big mirrors.


new place

The sun comes through the window, every now and then.  It's a side-by-side duplex, so one whole wall is windowless.  Don't recommend.


monday two-fer




blog project is rolling!



Ever since forever I've relied on janky, 2nd 3rd and 4th hand tripods, much to my detriment.  One of these days I'm going to buy a new one, just how I want-- little and light.  I'm not doing any 6 hour shots, so I might as well admit it and just get a little portable thing.

This picture, I think, I used a fence post or something.  Not too good!


rockin it

This is the trail-head by our house.  This river goes underground, which is pretty neat.  I wonder where the other end is?  There is a lot of erosion protection going on right here.



We live right by this excellent trail-head.  I've only been down it twice, and never as far as I'd like.  My hiking buddies are a toddler and a blind dog, so marathon sessions are just out of the picture.