I'm not going to post on the weekend though.



Going to try a pic a day (for good or ill) on this roll. Started yesterday!  This is obviously the start of the roll (fuchsia band), from our new neighborhood.


More Singapore shots

P is blowing me out of the water, posting all these pics on her site.  Hey Uncle David!  Email me and I'll send you think link to P's baby picture bonanza.  She doesn't want me to put it on here.  50backflips@gmail.com

Once we got to Singapore, P went full-hipster-cum-proto-Mormon.

 Supreme Dance Shoes.  Great store!

AC repair men in heavy demand, that darned sweaty place.



A few shots from Singapore.  I know P really likes the equatorial climate, constitutionally, but I love long dark nights and rain hitting the windows.  My favorite part of Copenhagen was imagining December evenings, frigid, dry, but maybe some ice particles whipping around, windy and quickly darkening, and those streets with the Rococo and Renaissance buildings, green-roofed, hurrying home to a fire and a hot glass of something.  I guess that's my constitution as much as anything else. 

I had no fantasies in Singapore.


some pictures from some island

South China Sea.

some island

I guess the blog is as good as retired, from the looks of it.  Sorry everybody!  We knew it would happen one day or another.



Geylang district is where the Malaysians live.  It was nice, I guess.  Little India is always my favorite because they have the best sauce on their food.


obviously took more pics there than I can sustainably post.  wah wah wah.