This is some tarpage from Singapore.  Hello Geniuses!  Tarpage doesn't do any good if it's crumpled on the ground.  You need string and stakes and shelter with that!

So glad Oregon isn't a battleground state. Occasionally there will be ads for Washington races. Vancouver doesn't have their own media, so the ads get onto Portland air time.

I vote for more throwback uniforms! #Bears #Steelers

Singapore Alleyway

Streets of Singapore.  You can see how we'd be kind of incredulous when talking about the cleanliness of the city.  I guess it's all relative.  Yeah there's not trash blowing everywhere, but you can see the patina of scuz.


from Oregon

Neighborhood school
Neighborhood vacant lot
Our "backyard," where hopefully eventually I'll take a killer portrait or two.  The light back there is good for pictures.
Neighborhood park again

black and white blast

This is pretty much what Singapore looks like. I took this picture because one of the people here was clothed in a radical red article.  Moments later I remembered what film was loaded.

Narita, the other direction


I love the way the light comes through those leaves in the top of the frame.


Singaporean school children

two very square ones

always inspiring

to see plants growing out of a concrete wall.  Time marches on!  This looks nice and silvery.  Not sure if it's just this monitor or what.


singapore shots

 They have lots of burn facilities there.  Singapore is like the greenest city in the world.  Maybe burning receipts is greener than recycling them.  Maybe it was a religious thing?  I have no idea.  It's certainly easier to just burn paper.  Recycling is probably the biggest fraud.  I remember in Copenhagen they'd re-use the beer bottles.  Occasionally you'd get one that was quite scuffed up.  Makes a lot more sense than obliterating them all, melting them or whatever, making sense of the adhesive paper labels, re-creating them into bottle shaped glass items, and so forth.
Who says that city closes at 10?


fishing village: good place to be retired

We were on an island resort.  I found a trail and took it through the middle of the island.  It was marshy and there was lots of litter.  It wound up on the other side of the island, where there was a tiny fishing village/maybe a place where the locals hang.  There was an old timer watching soccer and reading like 5 papers.  There were also four guys playing cards.  Dream scenario.
Those tiny things on the horizon were huge structures that were built out in the middle of the sea.  There might have been five of them, in a bit of a row.
These were on a borrowed/stolen Olympus from Jake; the same camera that I started this blog with, way back when.  Over 5 years ago!  Oh the places you'll go, right?



Yeah, I brought my prisms to Singapore.  Good way to make a skyline interesting, maybe.  I guess that's what I was thinking.  Didn't bust 'em out too much though.  You know I'm hesitant to get weird.

so I'm guessing

International power moves in PDX.
This was this sketchy room in the Narita Airport (not a great one, btw) marked nursery.

So I'm guessing that this roll is from the Ricoh FF1, as it made the trip to Singapore.  However, some of these shots are such macro-looking (ie close ups) that I wouldn't have guessed it.


Everybody says Singapore is like Asia light.  I'm thinking Japan is like the IPA of Asias.  We'll get to Tokyo someday, when our skin gets thicker I guess.

wild roll of film

I forget the camera/film combo, but this roll of film is wild looking.  These are the first three shots.

Could be some good ones on here.


unfortunately the cable release socket is stripped on the Mamiya, so my plans were a little foiled, as far as night photography went.  Plus the laziness.  This is a pretty neat campfire photo though.


we moved

 I always used to look down and see this little weird Gustav Klimpt with these paint chips.

 The Ektar is prone to vignetting and crazy colors, in my limited experience.  I originally got it for night forest photography, which you could see how those would be cool features for that application.

 It's fun to shoot an empty house, especially one with as much history as this old one.
Now we're up in NW Portland.  I love it up here, as does P and the baby.  Even dog is having a pretty good time.

just for fun

2013 NBA Win Totals
Miami Heat 61 Take the over 
Los Angeles Lakers 59½ over 
Oklahoma City Thunder 59½ under 
San Antonio Spurs 53½ over 
Boston Celtics 50½ under 
Indiana Pacers 50½ under 
Los Angeles Clippers 49½ over 
Denver Nuggets 48½ over 
Chicago Bulls 47½ under 
Memphis Grizzlies 47½ under 
Philadelphia 76ers 46½ under 
New York Knicks 45½ over  Under (changed 10/19)

Dallas Mavericks 44½ under 
Brooklyn Nets 44½ over 
Atlanta Hawks 42½ over 
Utah Jazz 42½ over 
Minnesota Timberwolves 39½ over 
Milwaukee Bucks 35½ over 
Portland Trail Blazers 35½ under :( 
Golden State Warriors 34½ over 
Phoenix Suns 33½ under 
Cleveland Cavaliers 31½ over 
Detroit Pistons 31½ under 
Toronto Raptors 31½ over 
Washington Wizards 31½ under 
Houston Rockets 30½ over 
Sacramento Kings 30½ under 
New Orleans Hornets 24½ over 
Orlando Magic 23½ under  and that's the lock of the century I think. 
Charlotte Bobcats 22½ under  
Neither under nor over now look like real words.  

Let's see how I do in May.  If we remember.  Also, this is without any research
about the small trades or the rookies, basically.  I will probably pick Charlotte 
for the over next year though #MKG.  Just going by my first guess, except I changed
my mind on Miami.  Nah, I'll change that back.  Over it is.  
Also, disclaimer I'm not betting any money on any of these picks. 
It's just fun to have on the record, esp after my epic Facebook (fb) prediction. 
Totals from Bovada.LV via Blazersedge.com
EDIT I think the Knicks should be under.   If it's not too late to change that... 
EDIT 10/19 Dirk just had knee surgery.  My Mavs prediction is veering into lock of the century status. 
I don't know when I suggested the Knicks should be under, but it was def (and still is) pre-season. 
I'm changing it!


Some scenes from the South China Sea

Really a heck of a Sea. Maybe the first Sea I've ever seen.