vacation shots-- love it or leave it or let it be

I applied to like 5 jobs today.  As a reward to myself, I decided to break the blog dam.  So, presented with some comment (we'll see) is basically a whole roll from Singapore.  I took out the vertically aligned ones because I couldn't figure out how to rotate them within blogger.  I didn't feel like downloading them onto the computer then onto the net.  At least none of em were any good.  So right here, above, this is some fine white woman I saw in Singapore.  Lol.  But honestly, there were these big cauldrons in this building to the right filled with rock salt, and I guess they'd heat that and cook chickens in there.  It looked good, but a whole chicken was like S$25, which was kind of a lot for basically a street bird.
This was a hindu temple.  Some folks were getting married there.  The bride had henna tattoos and they were driving a Mercedes convertible.  They parked right out front.

This was the department store in little India.  Mustafa is what it was called.  We got hecka lost in there.

Lots of construction in Singapore.  People were talking about how anemic the business was, and I double took.
The occasional shrine
Trying to rip Jake off.
failing bad on that

Lots of X's in that XL
Weird hotel
CBD, or central bus. dist.  The rap on Singapore is it's so clean and safe.  I got a serious Puerta Vallerta vibe, cleanliness-wise, especially everywhere except the CBD, which was pretty polished.  But otherwise, it's kind of grimy.  You're on the equator there, you know?  So it's moist, and the grime accumulates on some of that.  So anyways, I'll probably pass on your Manillas and your Bangkoks, thanks.
Other than getting a pretty nasty diaper rash, baby was a 100% good travel dude.
They have a lot of burn barrels everywhere.  I don't know.
So, congrats.  You made it this far.  We saw a monkey on the street corner.  The locals were freaking out, so this wasn't a common occurrence.  Maybe more rare than if you saw a monkey in Portland, but regardless.  We were thinking of how cute this monkey was, but then it started walking towards us.  Baby was in the stroller and was probably looking delicious and tender.  I screamed at the monkey and it reversed its advance.
Kind of crazy.  Good photo op, if nothing else.  PLUS WE GOT TO SEE A MONKEY PRETTY MUCH IN THE WILD.  We made it to the zoo so we saw hecka primates, but this was a street monkey.
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