technical diff

The web is not activated at the new place, and all my stuff is basically in cardboard boxes, for the most part.  still haven't found my toothbrush, unfortunately.  I was able to put a suit on last night and try doing a CPA recruiting fair.  It was kind of fun.  They get better the more of them you do, and this was probably like the 5th or so of the year 2012.  I have secret techniques.

School starts tonight, after a false start Monday.  I kind of have the 'eff-its,' academically speaking.  My GPA is now set in stone, as it were, as energies are focused elsewhere.

These photos are a half stop too bright.  The sky this day was a cool blue (think long light haze) that didn't translate, by my error.


Scort Vee said...

Spectral interference.

John said...

of all the kinds of interference, it had to be spectral. Just my luck man.