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This year's 4th of July. 

Just got back from Singapore.  Wild place (not really wild, but wild).  Singapore loves shopping malls and hot styles.  The taxis are cheap and their edition of Esquire Magazine isn't good.  Like if a college newspaper was given the keys to the magazine, seemed like-- bad cliches and halfheartedness and not its own voice.  We didn't make it to Raffles.  Sorry Uncle Al.  Baby was a real trooper.  P got sick.  We're moving it two days and the fall is upon us.  Big times!

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skunkbay said...

Sorry about the Long Bar. Neat that you get to Portland before you leave Tokyo. For better fireworks see site Skunk Bay Weather and scoll down to his links for timelapse of 4th. same view from my house but doesn't show $3-4000 shot off by us.