p's least favorite genre

stump pictures!  Also, if you've ever been laying there at night thinking, "man, I wished I lived in that apt where that cute baby lives," get at me.  We're moving and I can give you my soon-to-be-ex-landlord's #.

Soon there will be a huge influx of forest pictures; we'll be in the shadow of forest park.  Can't wait!


wife said...

I walked by a sawed off stump today and was thinking how amazing it would be to be a tree in the woods and after standing tall and growing to rot back into the ground. I bet it is THE BEST! So now I have a new appreciation. love you.

Scort Vee said...

I read a book by John Muir recently and he said on the subject:

"Wish I could live, like these junipers, on sunshine and snow, and stand beside them on the shore of Lake Tenaya for a thousand years. How much I should see, and how delightful it would be! Everything in the mountains would find me and come to me, and everything from the heavens like light."

He also once climbed a tree during a wind storm to see what it would be like to be a tree. John Muir wanted to be a tree I think.