p's least favorite genre

stump pictures!  Also, if you've ever been laying there at night thinking, "man, I wished I lived in that apt where that cute baby lives," get at me.  We're moving and I can give you my soon-to-be-ex-landlord's #.

Soon there will be a huge influx of forest pictures; we'll be in the shadow of forest park.  Can't wait!


where it got weird


I really thought this was going to be an all-timer.  I'm also really out of practice in using a camera.



Jake and I did some night shots. I was using a p&s camera as a hand-held flash. We'll see how they come out, maybe some time next week.

sun blorb

intentional fog

Sometimes the viewfinder will fog up if you're wearing the camera, but not the lens. Sometimes it looks cool. Not sure if these got up or not. I wish slide film wasn't going extinct.

another window

Those lazy serial projects. I'm bought in now baby. This is Jake's kitchen. He invited me to a party for his roommates birthday. Happy Birthday Louis!

Also this is where the blog comes a little bit full circle-- Jake lent me an Olympus camera that's the same model as took the first photos on here, way back in 2007. They don't make em like they used to.

long gone window

The window over the sink is a great window. Another one coming soon.


white water

like a class IV maybe

shadow of giants

This huge boat came and docked there.  It is a weird swimming hole!


Kelly Point Park

The Willamette side.

this cliche

There was a beaver behind that kid. I was at the zoo and the beaver was way more exciting than the elephants.  The zoo wasn't as big a bummer as I remember as a kid.  It was troubling as a kid.  The poor monkeys (sorry, primates) are such sad prisoners.


wild forest

took some experimental pictures this weekend, we'll see how they come out.

cooking videos on youtube

I want to learn how to render fat to make good sauces. There are some seriously amateur youtube videos out there.


Oregon Country Fair

burnt couple

This was where I remembered I was shooting B&W, possibly.


what is this

This guy was in this thicket playing a didgeridoo and this girl was laying there getting body paint applied. Other people were enjoying the partial shade and having a seat, mostly on the dirt. I poked my head in, and thought "it'd be cool to get a didgeridoo cd for the house." Then I wondered if maybe the place wasn't getting to me. Later, wearing the baby on my back, I briefly worried that someone had dosed me with something-- all these weird boobs hanging out, faint drug smells, the power of like 5 iced teas, costumes, and then light coming through the trees and people doing their best burning man in the woods impression, just when you think "did I get dosed" you see a guy walking by with a badly deformed arm and your worry compounds. The Oregon Country fair is a trip.


oregon country fair

I moronically only took b&w film to the technicolor dream show in the green woods. Oh well I guess that'll keep you on your toes.


classic parenting picture

I just love this pic of p and j. Hey! I live with a delicious sandwich.