He didn't name his boat. I always say that if I ever get a boat that warrants a name that hasn't already been named I'd call it "Elma B." I guess you can't change names on a boat though. Bad luck, according to Errol Flynn's autobiography ("My Wicked, Wicked Ways," highly recommended).  Book club update-- after a nice NC blitz (The Broker, by John Grisham, in his really lazy phase where he was just pumping em out for the dough, and then Of Mice and Men for the flight home) I've continued to re-read Under the Volcano, a real downer of a book.  I tried reading it some on the beach out there and realized after like half a page why summer books exist.  Book club!  I kind of lost track of what else I've been reading.  This Business Law text book and case opinions are kind of interesting.

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