favorite recent picture

a real unusual one for me.


big rock

Morehead City has this fishing tournament where the biggest catch wins.  There is like a million dollar bonus if the fish tops either 400 or 500 lbs.  This one was either 399.40 lb or 499.40 lb, seriously.  It was the winner but they didn't get that bonus.  Anyways.

p snuggling with a deity

we have a painting of this scene, or something like it, in our kitchen. It (the painting) has a big "DIVE" sign prominent, but that "ICE" lettering is pretty authoritative.


Either I'm learning how to use this ricoh ff-1 or this was the luckiest roll in history


still, life

A couple lids, the remote that only shoots blanks (unloaded and babies favorite toy) some grilled trout, CPA flash cards, the cord for the ipod, what looks like a cocktail, some wipes or diapers, one of those heavy duty clips, the tongs

jakes preferred exposure

a roll of slides coming soon. Hits and misses


not the first time the UGM has made it on the blog.


new content

Haven't had a day off since before Memorial Day.  Hard to get good shots off.