If anyone else out there is waking up at 5 am, there is a radio station out there that plays the national anthem at 5am every day.  My alarm goes off, and it's the beginning of the song.  Oh say can you seeeee //snooze//.  I think it's like 1330 AM, and I'm pretty sure it's a Christian/talk station.  So, hot tip I guess.  Start the day off right!  It's kind of hilarious how every day it's the same, the exact same time.  I think they might actually broadcast dead air before the song (one morning I awoke in a panic that my alarm wasn't going off), because every day I start the day off with the beginning of the national anthem.

Anyone out there buying Facebook stock?  In my amateur opinion, I don't recommend it.  Maybe it's because I'm not a member, but what a flash in the pan.  How's that Friendster stock treating you?  50backflips stock, on the other hand, I'm holding that close.

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