At the post office. Baby was getting a passport. Imagine that passport photo! It was cute. He's obviously comfortable in front of the camera. Baby's stamps will probably put mine to shame. Eventually. Muwahwahhahaha



Don't say I didn't warn you

Should have been a finance guy; probably don't have the charm.

(This is what I'm referring to)


possibly my best picture ever

HCSP style


Not bad for a bachelor pad

sweet 'do

Getting close to getting this chiaroscuro type technique down pat.  If only the lab would comply and grant some nicer blacks.
Good white wine weather lately. Throw an ice cube in there or two and you're good to go for hours!


baby is hilarious

I didn't even get to see him yesterday-- 10 hours in the office and a three hour night class.  Brutal stuff.

Also, P invited me to be a blogger on her baby blog.  I probably take like 75% baby pictures but didn't want this site to be that repository, but that one is basically built for it.  So, if you're dying for more, use google fu, I guess.  I don't think she wants me to blow up her spot.


If anyone else out there is waking up at 5 am, there is a radio station out there that plays the national anthem at 5am every day.  My alarm goes off, and it's the beginning of the song.  Oh say can you seeeee //snooze//.  I think it's like 1330 AM, and I'm pretty sure it's a Christian/talk station.  So, hot tip I guess.  Start the day off right!  It's kind of hilarious how every day it's the same, the exact same time.  I think they might actually broadcast dead air before the song (one morning I awoke in a panic that my alarm wasn't going off), because every day I start the day off with the beginning of the national anthem.

Anyone out there buying Facebook stock?  In my amateur opinion, I don't recommend it.  Maybe it's because I'm not a member, but what a flash in the pan.  How's that Friendster stock treating you?  50backflips stock, on the other hand, I'm holding that close.




pots. These were supposed to be with the aid of the flash, but only that right little band fired along with it. Oh well.


party time

block party



camera don't synch

The SLR goes through batteries like crazy.  I think.  3/4 of this roll was blank.  :(


me and my brudda

hangin by the river is automatically going to be fun, because you can throw rocks into the water. It makes the conversation so much easier. This was from a freakishly hot spring day. Scort and I were working on our sunburns.