One thing I love about spring time is when all the trees and grasses and little plants growing out of cracks in the sidewalk and along the sidewalk are so tender looking. Their green is absolute.  This photo isn't of that.  This is from Piccolo park, P's favorite.



This might blow you away, but I'm endorsing Obama in 2012 for president.  Is he going to win?  If he doesn't it's like fool me 9 times, shame on me.  Right?


Babby is basically an adult now



we drove out to troutdale or further and bought a huge rug at the lowes.  Just buy indoor/outdoor carpeting-- we got 100+sq feet rug for like $60-- it had some sort of backing that even made a border unnecessary, which was a big dollar saver.  Our floors have massive splinters and the baby is scooting hard.  so no muss no fuss.  We also adopted a cow hide rug, which if dog still had his eyes he might love it more.  He's obsessed with cows when we're driving.  I always say "go hang out with your cow" now and he perks up a little.  It's not the same when you can't herd it though.  I'm not sure he's put it together.


some pics

NJ in the distance ha ha ha

I was pretty sure I could see times square from up there.  Manic bright lights, advertising insanity.  At any rate, it was cool to visit and great to get a bit of the lay of the land from up there.  Plus it was sunset and you know that's just pretty.  One time we flew out of SF at dusk, and it was the stuff dreams are made of.


blowin it

all the good shots off one roll in one post.  Acros doing its thing.  Although there have been some questionable pieces of data in my recent scans-- I don't know whether to blame the xth hand camera from 19xx or Pro Photo, supposedly the kind of place you pay $15 each roll for this kind of work.  Anyhow, nice whispers of Friedlander here.
spring is here.  all the way basically.
RIP Turkey cup.  Glad to have known you.
classic baby toys on the chair.
HCSP lol
baby is doing pretty good.  I think so anyways

flat tire



Acros is my favorite B&W film, they have Fuji Neopan 400 which is rocketing up the charts though.



Good neighborhood!
crooked face! One true crookedness in my facial is that my right eye is twitching hecka-much. Left eye is daisies. Rats!