We had a longish weekend in NYC just a few days ago. It was really fun. We stayed in Midtown, which I guess isn't the kindest neighborhood. We were like 10 blocks from Times Square and across the street from Penn Station and the Madison Square Garden-- all the stores were terrible tourist traps and I had a few below average blind slices of pizza out there. The closest restaurant was a Roy Rogers, which I don't know what that is but I didn't sample it. We were within walking distance of tons of great stuff though. B&H Photo was two avenues over (@ 34th street & 9th Ave; the hotel was at 33rd & 7th). B&H was ok. Had nothing on Focal Point in Dallas Oregon, but I'm not in the market for a telescope or anything. Just needed some film. We walked to an art party hosted by P's cousin Allen, which was really fun and packed with Southerners (we met a former Miss Georgia, she was still pretty fly all those years later), and the art fair Armory, which was a little overwhelming. Like a state fair but for art instead of pies and cows. Instead of elephant ears you have to drink champagne. I randomly saw an Alice Neel painting that almost brought me to my knees, otherwise nothing stood out too far. They were asking 500,000 USD for it so we passed. Also lots of college buds were caught up with, and P and I went uptown to visit some of her high school friends for one of the nights. It was go go go. We did a lot of walking and the baby slept pretty well in his city stroller and hotel crib.  Actually he did amazingly.  He never woke up in the night, but I guess we ran him just as ragged as ourselves. I took an exciting cab ride from I think west 90th street to Williamsburg, at night, which offered the best city views. I'm pretty sure we drove through Central Park. The guy would floor it and keep it floored every time there was any room in front of us. He probably uses a set of brakes like once a month. The Empire State Building was always in view but I never got a great look at the Chrysler Building, by far the prettier. I saw a Workout rock-show for old time's sake and Kea threw a party too. My God we did a lot. Oh yeah, and my friends all though I converted to Mormonism. HELLO! You can't drink coffee or beer or sneak cigarettes (meh) or curse (big whoop) as a Mormon. Talk about a bunk religion.

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