illicit land in Salem or Keizer even maybe

still trying to figure out exactly what it is that makes this little ricoh (ff-1) tick.  I've had cameras in the past where these photos would have had the most interesting sky details.  Meanwhile these are a little lackluster.  I guess that's the difference between 1990's technology and 1970's technology, maybe. 

I've always thought that Salem and Keizer, my birthzone, would be a photographic wasteland.  Our last pass through we took some back roads and I realized there's a weird potential there.

Also the blog has been petering out, which I'm fine with.  I'm thinking of starting a new one, "learn to paint as johnny tries to teach himself, while the baby looks on from a borrowed playpen in the basement.com," but that URL was taken.  Besides, some things should not see the light of day.

Currently reading: East of Eden.  I always forget how entertaining Steinbeck was.

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Scort Vee said...

I'm about half way into Sweet Thursday from Steinbeck. Maybe we can trade when finished.