central park


baby is wicked cute

flash do synch

flash do synch so my pockets do grow, take so many pictures they should call me john po'. cuz I don't miss frames, I fill flash the floor, take so many pictures of a boring looking door.

I had been filing some negatives and saw that many were blank frames. I figured it was probably this nth hand camera from 19xx that had the hotshoe that was the culprit, esp. right after I took these pictures. however, here they are. My worries were misplaced.


san remo

I asked Ann, "what's up with those buildings," and I don't know if she didn't hear me or what but I had to google them when I got home. And google I did. via nyportraits.blogspot.com I discovered that they're called the San Remo, and then I wiki'd that.  Turns out it's a co-op apartment, so I was like cool, they must have a granola store-front down on the street, and maybe shared bathrooms, but obviously my brain is wired all Oregonian and the place is like a billionaires club.  That it's a co-op just means that they have less strict housing discrimination than other buildings in the upper Manhattan area.  They even let an Irishman move in!  Some other big names have lived there, including Demi Moore in one of the towers, and the Late Steve Jobs in another.  Anyhow, if you're into it, here is the wiki on the place, although that should probably just re-direct to this post in the future.  I've covered all the bases. 

The foreground is part of Central park, which was zoo-like on the day we visited.  March sun, you gotta get some.  Or was it February?  I had never been and it seemed like there were good rollerblading opportunities to be had.  I also spied a dance crew doing their thing and what looked like a trio of Swedish models.  They were scary skinny and wicked blonde.

NYC sure does have some interesting history about it.  Just a real interesting place with lots going on.

mt angel

mt angel

maybe I'll get back into shooting slides.  Or non-expired film at least (?)


blue labish


family album


Jamaica Station, mon.

some pics

I shot a whole roll this weekend on the Mamiya, so, you know, keep an eye out for those. Some serious shots coming in soon.