The family has been out on the Freeways a lot lately.  Not a good time, but there are some good spots in the burbs (Lowes, the mall, Grandma and Grandpas house, etc)

a tree I've been passing every day and not noticing

It's a nice one

new classics


falls city

There is a real waterfall there. Very powerful-- not a dainty waterfall. This thing is like a crusher. Edit-- this isn't it. I don't think I got a picture of the real waterfall. It was real misty over there.


fur coats

p. always wigs out about her fur. She won't wear it to New Seasons. PEOPLE! It's a rescue fur, bought at least second hand, and most likely beaver. Get over it

playin with the blocks


scene from a sunny day

Falls City Oregon

Sketchiest place I've ever been.

for sale

Olympus XA2. $50. Email me @ 50backflips@gmail.com. Does not come with optional thumb blocker


past time tavern

real good place

not sure if repeats

A few from Klickitat that got missed, and surely a few that didn't

This above picture I really wanted to get in color but my camera froze. Luckily the little point and clicker was a little tougher. It was a good night for gloves!



Eventually I'll get a shot of the above that will be worthwhile.  It's there, I know, I just haven't been able to do it yet.


friedlander biting for beginners

his tones would obviously have been much better. Can you put a yellow filter on a point and click camera though? Also, it's so dumb but I don't take many hot-dog style photos because they don't fit as well on a computer screen. The best argument yet for retiring. 50 backflips in extremis!

stick rock

back in my days, we didn't have newfangled baseball bats, we used the best piece of driftwood we could find.  And we didn't have newfangled baseballs, we used rocks.