master of cribbage

Everybody went down to Keizer to visit Gma and Gpa and so P could catch up on her TV programs that they TIVO for her.  Playoff football is on and P is bogarting the big HDTV watching Kim and Kourtney take New York.  Dad was tivoing the football games but watching those after the fact is like listening to a clean version of a rap song you love.  I snuck into the guest bedroom and they heard me catching the last quarter of the 49er game.  Whoowee that was a great game.  They heard me because I am prone to holler at excellent television sporting achievements.
So dad and I played many games of cribbage for no stakes.  Other than football there might be no better game.  We had taco night which was delicious and then we drove home in the cold dark night.  The dog came obviously and he always has a ball down there.

Scott and I went to a Blazer game a long time ago and I hollered so much there that my voice was toast for a few days.  It was kind of embarrassing after the fact, but it was another great game, and you can't not holler for 4th quarter 3 pointers in a close game.


p said...

love these night scenes

Skunkbay said...

Is that a tip glass in the bar photo? I didn't think Mike was that tight!

John said...

Appears to be so. Mike wasn't there!