Black Sabbath

If Nate Dogg is tuning in, good luck to the Broncos. Hey Nate Dogg, if Tebow is a virgo, why does he have a herpes? James Harrison is my favorite player in the NFL to watch. One game this year they were playing on Sunday night and he was feasting. At one point he jumped over the blocker who was assigned to him. It was savage.

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NateDogg said...

That worked man! James Harrison is chill. Notice how the NFL tried to regulate him from hitting people in the head and chest so he decided to just hit them in the legs. Instead of ringing bells, he's now ruining careers. I kinda like it. The free market capitalism of hitting. I don't care about coal miner safety so why would I care about football player safety. Mac Glovinsky bet me ten dollars on the game and after the Broncos won that fool reneged and won't pay me. If you see him, tell him what a welching loser he is. Keep it real Blazedogg.