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All the film stores are out of stock. The Kodak bankruptcy sent film nerds into a panic. Anybodygotanyportra400in35mm? I got cash
duck got evicted.


Eatin dogs toys and flippin the bird. baby dgaf


Midterms lol


sharpen soft

not sure what happened to make these two look so different.  Part of figuring out the camera is remembering that kind of thing.  And practice.

some from around town


kitchen sink window

a classic place for a window

baby party

We went to a baby party, with soup.  it was equal parts hilarious and ridiculous.  None of the other babies were as cute as ours, obviously. They had mix-matched lightbulbs. EMBARRASSING!

90 years

Go get em Granny

nw portland


why I go to church

P has what might be a new years resolution to get to church on Sundays.  As a non-believer and someone who likes sweatpants Sundays, this isn't really my optimal activity.  However, I find that if I go, there are perks.  For example, I can say "P in 5 days Dan is having a party with a campfire and I'd like to go" and she'll say "ok.  In six days I'm going to church will you come with me?"  And I'll weigh this and conclude that we have a balanced trade and I'll accept.

Also, at these party type affairs I'll realize that my sense of humor has veered uncomfortably into lame dad territory.  It's not uncomfortable for me, so much, as the people who are subjected to the jokes.  Sorry dudes!

motivational poster

hang in there kid




epic play zone
chomping broccoli
broccoli farts?  I need to figure out how far .9 meters is.  That's the minimum distance this new camera will focus.  I seem to be out of range.

tv fort

baby isn't supposed to watch tv until he's like 3, but somebody's got to babysit the sitter! So I build obfuscating forts for him to roll around in during these late season NFL contests. I find that I miss many big plays trying to get baby to have giggling fits or to clean the puke off his chin. And gladly. Plus building forts is a lesson a kid can't start learning early enough. It's essential.


Probably Mormon Hot chocolate


chillen be crazy

Granny Turned 90.  My folks threw her a party.  There were some kids there and they were a little out of control.  That kind of rough housing would not have flown when I was that age.

nb this blog originally started up right around what was actually Granny's 85th birthday.  keep cranking 'em granny!

you can also note that my photographic skill has not really come very far.  Well, I'll keep cranking em too and hopefully we'll get somewhere eventually.

psyche just kidding april fools not

So I bought a new point and shoot camera.  A real antique.  It's a Ricoh FF1.  So far, when the thing hits, it really hits.  However, the auto-focus appears to be the drunkest piece of equipment I've ever tried using.  It has a manual focus option, but it's basically like "guess the distance" and "guess if this works or not."  However I did receive a nice compliment at the Apple store on it last night so booyeah.  It's a pretty necklace if nothing else.  Plus look at these colors/weird optical effects:

Here's one where the focus worked, and then below what is this?  A tilt shift lens?
Seriously.  I can't figure this out.

These forest pictures I should have had a tripod.  One thing I'd like to do more of in the future is blurrier photos, from motion, but that would work better for pictures of people.  The forest is a pretty still place.  A "that one's on me" type deal.

Realized we haven't had any pictures of the dog lately.  Hey dog!  Thanks for waking the baby up from a 5 minute nap last night because someone was visiting downstairs.  Good move you mutt.  Otherwise you still tight.

This point and shoot camera has a hot shoe, which allows for an external flash to be attached, which is good fun for around the house.  It also folds in on itself, and is about the size of a pack of 100 length cigarettes.  If I can ever figure out how to use it we'll really be in business.  About that time it'll probably disintegrate, but whatevs.