scary fence post

I guess on the plus side if google crashes and all my pictures from all time are gone:
  • I still have most the negatives, stored in a somewhat organized fashion
  • it'll be a good exercise in letting go, esp. to almost worthless data in an age of omnipresent almost worthless data
  • Maybe a good incentive to create real photo-albums for the shelf at home
  • The internet is a lousy place for the family photo-album anyways
  • Blogging is passe
  • Maybe I'll retire at the 5 year anniversary of charlie brown's dad.
  • Let the countdown commence.
  • Wait that's more than a year away
  • Let the countdown commence anyways.
  • Lists are good fun.


Skunkbay said...

I, for one, would hate to see you go. I enjoy the site.

John said...

Thanks! Me too.