My favorite part about this town was the smoke coming out of so many chimneys.  We also saw some meat hanging out (to dry?  I guess you have to age meat), which Jake got a picture of but I kind of chickened out.  I guess I shy away, sometimes, from taking pictures with a subject in the frame.  I almost took a picture of a trailer in a parking lot there, and thought I did actually, but it maybe appears I didn't.  We walked along the river and there were tons of dead salmon on the banks, huge fish rotting.  All the locals were talking about how we had to get 2 miles up river where the bald eagles were pecking away at the spawners.  They were trying to get us to leave maybe.  Jake hates bald eagles so he wanted to go to take pictures that would slander the birds.  I was more interested in some wild turkeys, but the bar didn't open till four.  We'd be on the road by then, in search of sunset shots from another small town.  I got five pictures in Wishram at dusk, and had a world-class one lined up when my camera froze.  I hiked back to their restaurant and Jake and I ate some world-class small town cheeseburgers.  He was gloveless and therefore may have been 2-3 deep by the time I got there.  The Past Time Tavern there has some wonderful Christmas decorations.  Pictures forthcoming.

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Skunkbay said...

Next time I see you remind me to tell you the story of the radio station over there. To long for here.