some pictures of the epitome of fall from 19th Ave.  You get five minutes and you take them as you can, I guess.


You get a Jaguar because they look cool. And they do


rumors of my breath

a few melancholy pics. It's hecka fall out here



hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving!


leaves fall

The Olympus is rather sharp, for its size.  I'm getting used to the zone focusing system.  Sure wish I had time to get out on a walk once or twice a month to use it more fully.  Maybe next term!  This one's been a real ball-buster.  Just a few more weeks.  That baby is going to love a nature hike, I know that.


ultimate fan-site.  P's killin it as a mom and not too shabby of a wife either.  love you doll!

some shots from around town


go eat a duck

Somebodies dog jumped into this pond once and started chewing on a duck.  Pretty funny and a little sad.



the olympus

Been using an Olympus XA2 lately, for the carry around camera, when two of my worlds kind of collide:  NEWS STORY.  Kind of an accounting/business scandal.  Kind of interesting, if you're a news junkie or whatever
full fall
The train station is getting a new roof.  It was like a million dollar project.  It's been going forever.

leaf dust
funny fogginess.


I'm bloggin!

~30 to come, these included, on Fujis ISO 400 slide film Provia.  You get the vividness but some grain.  Tons of contrast, compared with print film.  Slide film on a point and click is the ultimate in photo-roulette.
Wife and I went on a bomb walk for her birthday last week.  Here are a few pics.  I guess when you load a 36 exp roll in the camera it takes a long time to get back.  And when you don't take any pics too.