so the nikon bit the dust, like I think I said.  These are pretty good pictures for a camera that I can fit in almost any pocket (skinny jeans).  The lens was wide at 28mm and fast enough, really, I think at f3.5, however the shutter lag was like a 1st generation sony digi-cam-- measured in minutes almost.  The flash was powerful enough though.  It was not so good for baby pics.  Also rather fragile.  The way it met its end was bizarre.  I was shutting the back door on the Subaru-- the kind of door that swings up.  A hatchback trunk.  Anyhow, on the way down, the door hit the camera (which was around my neck) and it just imploded.  So what was upon first glance a relic I didn't think the 00's was capable of, consumer electronics-wise, turned out to be so much plastic junk, just as you'd expect.  These are off the last full roll of that camera, so try to imagine some sad music or something.


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