it's different at the end

Maybe I'm just a morning person, but I get so much more juiced taking pictures as the sun's coming up.  These are from an afternoon and they just mean less to me.

Programming note:  This Friday.  Come on down to Nationale.  811 East Burnside.  Jake and me have a photo show opening.  He did all color, and I did all black and white.  We hope to have a cooler full of beer and ice, hopefully we'll get some tunes wired up, and there will be actual photography.  This website is all just data-- the real thing, real photos, they're pretty neat.  I'm pretty happy with the show.  We'll see, I bet it just gets better when it's up on a wall.  If I recently received your address you'll soon receive a post card.  One was mailed all the way to Pakistan!  Sent some to Washington State and DC, some to NYC I'm pretty sure, and NC as well.  Some good places. 

Well, come on down!  Baby will be there, and Jake and I, and probably all sorts of other people.  We got a sitter for afterwords, so getting weird is not out of the question.  And bring your checkbooks!  Ha ha ha

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Bree said...

Cool! Good luck Internet bud! Sorry I missed out on the postcard...