Love this building
The circus is in town


white winters sky

Ultimate Autumn

from in the house-- some nice geometry
This is our front door-- we need to winterize.

It gets the least bit brisk out and I feel all poetic, sort of. Since the Nikon imploded I've taken to the XA2. Auto-rewind is nice, but this thing, hanging from my neck on a shoelace, it'll be okay. There is a camera called the Ricoh GR1 that I will splurge upon maybe once I get new letters in my name. It will be the ultimate in point and shooting.


young toughs

smoking cigarettes in the park


wonderful winters light in October

Fall and Winter is the best time to take pictures.  Bar none.  The trees are all fractal and skeletal and the sun is always low in the sky.  Some October I'll take a wicked road trip with tons of film and cigars and maybe some company and take some good pictures.  Not this year though!  Or the next!

Also, I got this roll of 24 exposure film back and like 22 were of the baby laying around.  Which, he's cute and everything, but I'm not sure about babying up this site so much.  I've tried to talk myself into the XA2 so hopefully we'll get some half-hearted bike shots in the near future.


classic dudes

Chris came all the way from Coos Bay. Surprise! It was a good surprise.

show off my son

baby was pretty excited to get out and have some culture in his life. The show's up till the 30th-- please check it out, if you haven't. 811 E Burnside ste 112 I think.  Jake and I dressed as twins obviously, for the show. If you're going to look classy you need a blue blazer! I'm also bad at smiling and then continuing to smile as people figure out where the buttons are. Wait! These are from the busted Nikon, so I'm bad at waiting for the button to activate the camera. It took forever! The opening was pretty fun.

Here's the website of all the images:   http://www.thenewnationale.com/arcularius_voves_images.html

baby in his duck



we dog sat. It was kind of fun.
One for Dan and the Hinfinitykers
Coming into work early one morning, I thought it was dark out but there was just a huge thick cloud over the city. Off to the east there was a thin band of sunrise. It was startling-- I looked over and it looked like the night was on fire or something. Like nothing I had ever seen before. Very cool. Was glad I had my camera, so I could take a completely pedestrian pic of the deal.

baby butt



so the nikon bit the dust, like I think I said.  These are pretty good pictures for a camera that I can fit in almost any pocket (skinny jeans).  The lens was wide at 28mm and fast enough, really, I think at f3.5, however the shutter lag was like a 1st generation sony digi-cam-- measured in minutes almost.  The flash was powerful enough though.  It was not so good for baby pics.  Also rather fragile.  The way it met its end was bizarre.  I was shutting the back door on the Subaru-- the kind of door that swings up.  A hatchback trunk.  Anyhow, on the way down, the door hit the camera (which was around my neck) and it just imploded.  So what was upon first glance a relic I didn't think the 00's was capable of, consumer electronics-wise, turned out to be so much plastic junk, just as you'd expect.  These are off the last full roll of that camera, so try to imagine some sad music or something.


your moms rock show

now with lasers


mother my show

Thanks to everyone who came down.  I had the best night.  Unfortunately I smashed the Nikon when closing the trunk, so the photos from the night might either be lost or damaged.  Camera-wise it was physically perfect but the shutter had a massive lag time, so the hunt continues for the perfect pocket pointer.  Jake had a good looking candidate (Yashica T4).

All in all it was a great opportunity to hang with the buds and family.  Chris even came from Coos Bay!  That was such a great surprise.

Thanks again everybody!


mother my son

Come down tonight at 6.  811 E Burnside


it's different at the end

Maybe I'm just a morning person, but I get so much more juiced taking pictures as the sun's coming up.  These are from an afternoon and they just mean less to me.

Programming note:  This Friday.  Come on down to Nationale.  811 East Burnside.  Jake and me have a photo show opening.  He did all color, and I did all black and white.  We hope to have a cooler full of beer and ice, hopefully we'll get some tunes wired up, and there will be actual photography.  This website is all just data-- the real thing, real photos, they're pretty neat.  I'm pretty happy with the show.  We'll see, I bet it just gets better when it's up on a wall.  If I recently received your address you'll soon receive a post card.  One was mailed all the way to Pakistan!  Sent some to Washington State and DC, some to NYC I'm pretty sure, and NC as well.  Some good places. 

Well, come on down!  Baby will be there, and Jake and I, and probably all sorts of other people.  We got a sitter for afterwords, so getting weird is not out of the question.  And bring your checkbooks!  Ha ha ha