book club!  currently reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, by Tom Wolfe.  Wonderful!  Also re-reading Infinite Jest, because 1000 pages just wasn't enough (and I wasn't sure I got it), also just read Independence Day, by Richard Ford (who knew?) and Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates.  Yates' was ok, but not as good as his name would suggest.  Wouldn't you think such a person would be unbelievable?  I think that's it.  The TV is turned off is why all the books, plus a vacation. 

I'm going to try to buy an antenna that'll do for NFL action this winter.  Baby needs to know!  And honestly, like the stereo purchase, those are just such fond memories from my childhood-- cold autumn mornings watching football, or superbowl parties, or Sunday night's signature game and excellent broadcast.  Great memories both from my childhood and also from the past few years.  So I just think that's a must.

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