clear cut and devastation

if you live in Oregon and haven't taken pictures like these, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Haven't or have. I can't remember. Pretty trite stuff!

dining room

specific ocean

I stole it first!


the airport

good trust of the darker areas on this one.  Nice job nikon!


Whoa whoa whoa


Whoa rock done changed


I had a job interview for what seemed like a really cool job about a month ago, or maybe longer than that. It was out in the suburbs, but I was actually kind of even excited about that-- the train, the tunnel, and wide weird open spaces on the outskirts of town. I was kind of talking myself into it maybe. I was a finalist for the position all through our vacation to NC, which was a neat, weird, difficult mental place to spend a vacation. At least I had a sharp haircut for the plane rides and southern engagements, I guess. I didn't get the job, and that's probably okay. This is from around the campus of the job that got away.



hurricane irene

This is actually popinlaws neighborhood more than a forest.  I guess it's woodsy.

morehead city

hell of a city

Willamette Valley


from recently

Oceanside, OR
Raleigh.  There are always a few shots where I'm not sure if the film has advanced far enough.  So I'll take a few pictures from wherever I am.  Sometimes it's nice.  Usually it's a shot of my desktop.  This is from popinlaws guest room.  I don't usually mess with photos with mirrors in them, but that's a pretty good trope. 
Oceanside, OR.  The beach is a trope I'm not ashamed to partake in.
from by the credit union

Raleigh again.  Flash photos at night.


nc b&w

sad mall in Morehead City, NC

baby is so cute