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I had like exactly one goal on vacation-- get a picture of baby making his mad face. Let me tell you, accomplishing goals feels good.

I wish to show you some cute pics of safe boating

 are you kidding me?
 baby is the cutest baby ever
 being a family man is awesome.  I feel so full of love and kind of at one with the universe.
 grandpa!  Or, as he prefers to be called, David.  I want them to call each other Mr. James.  We'll see.  It might stick if the baby has my sense of humor.

more scenes from the trailer park

an absolute gold-mine, photographically speaking


cool trailer park

p's pa's beach place is in this awesome trailer park. It got a little swamped under Irene. This was from mere days before hand. her pa is going to need to replace his duct-work, in his estimation. Like the AC has pneumonia. I guess you can't just sweat it out. The reason the blog was on vacation is because we were on vacation. But you don't want to broadcast that to your closest online stalkers and the world at large, according to any number of tv news shows (eg 20/20, dateline, etc). Our trip was great. My first hurricane, as well as baby's, reunited with the dog, a little relaxation and lots of driving and a few big moments. Baby is officially getting into heaven now too, which is a plus probably.



I think I'm going to go on vacation from the blog. What do you say we meet back here in a few weeks? I will probably have fun updates by then.

baby is in his brutally cute phase


one for the family album

Three generations of dudes who can shoot the breeze with the best of them. Happy Birthday Schott!!!



house light

Our house has like maybe 10 power outlets, surely fewer than one per wall. Extension cords are strewn behind furniture and along walls. One outlet has a little sharpie notation in a funny hand: "No ground," which is mildly concerning. This plug is especially oddly placed-- halfway up the wall in the entrance, where not even a table would fit. Come over and lets laugh about it.

Maybe two rolls in and I definitely haven't figured out the zone focusing on the XA2. Give it time, son.


olympus xa users collective lol


crooked frame

strikes every time. Is it because my arms are so freakishly differing in length? Blame it on my crooked face, obviously.

buldoze your favorite building

an exercise in letting go

front yard