Jake's bathroom

Jake and I have a photo show together in October and I basically am already paralyzed by fear-- fear of failure, of mediocrity, of being mis-understood or even just dismissed, I'm afraid I won't be able to print everything I want or that baby will puke on a finished print or something. Fear of the unfamiliar! I'm afraid that these prints won't be my best, or that I've already plateaued or that I'm a never was/never will be. I think today I'll buy a 50 pack of large photo paper and try to conquer my fears.

Hey Jake-- nice bathroom!


may said...

this kind of fear is good, john!
come visit if you need to talk.

Ashby Lee Collinson said...

YOU ARE GOING TO KILL IT AND YOU KNOW IT. Can't wait for this show!

Bree said...

Cool!! It will be awesome.