doggie became a cyclops today, old one eye, old winky.

wish him well in your hearts and prayers. Dog is brave if nothing else, and we are unwavering in our love for him. No more flash photos in your face doggie, I promise. Also I hope I don't bonk you in the face with the chukit again. Or that you don't get bit in the eye by a large dog. Sorry d-man!


p said...

great ones of the dog, love

Scort Vee said...

I agree with p. These have a great nostalgic/ happy feel to them. Good to reflect on while dog is in distress.

John said...

As soon as I realized dog would be getting chopped up in the face, I took many pictures of that cute face. A few for the vault, as it were.

Sounds like his surgery was a success, so good news! The road to recovery is under way.