astia and the nikon= good combo

Maybe Astia is it. I tried so fruitlessly to make it work with Velvia, but never could break through. With Astia, I've never been disappointed (two rolls in).

Not meant to be so phallic.

And finally, it a bit of, oh I don't know the word. I thought it was apocryphal, but that's not it at all. The word I want (what I want is a reverse dictionary, really), the word I want is say I wash the grill. That's a weird indication of my newfound dad-ness. Not only is it Pops' favorite pastime possibly, but I did it almost without thinking. So the anectdote is sort of illustrative of this subtle change I'm going through. Perhaps Mac can assist. He conjured the word 'cathartic' in like 0 seconds once when I gave him the weirdest reverse definition.

Did I relate this anecdote to the web yet? I became a dad and like a week later I was washing the grill with warm soapy water. Now it's got a nice sheen on it, a deep azure. I also vacuumed out the insides, so hopefully next time you try to cook some whatevs on there you won't singe your eyebrows off.


Daemon said...

metamorphosis? or transubstantiation?

John said...

No, more like illustrative, but much more of a $.50 word than that. The reverse dictionary entry would be like "subtle, but profound illustration/indication of change."