These are from the Broadway building, somewhere I basically only end up in Summer sessions. Summer break! I'm in it, and down at the darkroom twice a week. Damn thing isn't going to print itself!


From I think the Hawthorne Bridge, during the blues fest possibly, when all those boats congregate over there. There was also a ski-boat with tons of babes in bikinis lounging on it, but I didn't take that picture. I'm a dad now, so I was basically thinking "these girls need to cover up. They're going to get sun damage and possibly unwanted attention."

Our house has awesome windows for looking at light through.

From the North Portland, St. John's Fred Meyer. Their parking lot is huge! Well, long and narrow.


crane frame

alien baby, again

He comes in peace, mostly. Except for the odd 10:30 refusal to shut down.


the olympus

street photography-- so not my niche. The xa2 is wonderful though-- such a quiet shutter, and hand winding, and very simple. All auto except there are 3 focusing zones and you can set your ISO (for over/under exposure, if you're so inclined).

This bro sold me these cameras in a shoe box. He said "don't worry people," gesturing to the parking lot, "not a drug deal or anything." Thanks for the camera, bro.

The new Olympus

NW flowers, white walled.

Future Maples growing out of asphalt. I guess they're building some condos or something in this lot. The local paper was talking trash about how the design wasn't daring. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Anyhow, the XA2: It'll do.



doggie became a cyclops today, old one eye, old winky.

wish him well in your hearts and prayers. Dog is brave if nothing else, and we are unwavering in our love for him. No more flash photos in your face doggie, I promise. Also I hope I don't bonk you in the face with the chukit again. Or that you don't get bit in the eye by a large dog. Sorry d-man!

pointing and clicking


Jake's bathroom

Jake and I have a photo show together in October and I basically am already paralyzed by fear-- fear of failure, of mediocrity, of being mis-understood or even just dismissed, I'm afraid I won't be able to print everything I want or that baby will puke on a finished print or something. Fear of the unfamiliar! I'm afraid that these prints won't be my best, or that I've already plateaued or that I'm a never was/never will be. I think today I'll buy a 50 pack of large photo paper and try to conquer my fears.

Hey Jake-- nice bathroom!