I was biking around and was climbing this enormous hill and found my self at the cemetery where my Grampa is buried. It was Memorial Day weekend and it's a National Cemetery, so I guess all vets? They had the flags out. The white one was for the Coast Guard.

Weird to go someplace you haven't been since a very discrete day only once 15 years ago, as a 7th grader.

His view to the side. I was thinking of lots of prayers to say on the walk up the hill to the Z section, but once I got there I forgot them all. I remembered them as I was walking back toward the gates, and figured that was close enough.

View up the hill. I also forgot to verify my exposure values-- these are underexposed by a stop. Whoops.

The view down the hill. Getting up there for Memorial Day weekend seems like a good maybe tradition to begin. RIP Grandpa, I wish I could have gotten to know you better.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John, how fun that Grandma is at my house and I could share this with her!!