Well, baby got here. Pics forthcoming. I have a few weeks off work, so it's full time fatherhood and one summer school class. Just enough.

We got a sleepy one, so far. Sometimes P will have to wake him up to feed him. We read somewhere today that newborns will have about 10 milk poops per day, so, you know, TMI. It's great being around the home. Lots of cooking, laundry, dishes, etc. P is on baby feeding duty. I'm in charge of swaddling (wrapping him up in blankets) and most of dog duty. He makes awesome noises (eagle, hawk, falcon mostly), he has huge baby feet and hands, and what looks to me like an enormous wing-span. And a whole head of hair, kind of a dark dirty blond. He is covered in fetus hair too, like a thin layer of baby fuzz all over his body. That'll fall out, and it probably has started to already. He's chugging milk and puking a ton too. We took our 2nd at home bath this morning, which he's not a huge fan of. He's doing pretty much all the baby things, except crying all night, so that's good. Come and meet him if you want. Email 51backflips@gmail.com to setup an appointment today, ha ha ha. Sweet!


Bree said...



You made it!

Now you are on the other side and the fun really begins. Mega Congrats!!!


Ashby Lee Collinson said...

Such an awesome post! So so so radical.