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little prince blanket. It'd be funny if I never put an unobfuscated picture on here, huh?

Hey! The point and clicker is back! I got a Nikon this time. My first foray. I think it looks like it'll work, and it's way more pocketable than the Ricoh ff90d, which had a brickish quality to it. This Nikon is borderline digi sized. I loved the old one but it quit working. The camera repair place wasn't really looking to repair it, either. That's always such a sad conversation. I bought this $3 point and shoot from goodwill, came to value it at closer to $50-$75, and yet repairs would have been $90-$150. Point and shoot 35mm cameras are like paperback books. Use them, wear them out, and stick them on a shelf somewhere to gather dust when you're done. There's probably another around the corner for $25, battery and 30 year old color film included. I guess at that point the metaphor gets a little stretched.

This morning baby was being fussy, but he had a wet diaper. I changed him and put him in this contraption that jiggles, and he's chillin hard now. Baby has the cutest scrunchy faces when he gets upset. Like the literal baby he is, it gets all wrinkly and frowny. I let him cry hard for a while, just to see what it was like.

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