We're all getting used to our new roles. Dog is easing gently into older brother-hood (as much as he relished only-childism) and p is settling beautifully into motherhood. She's a natural, which should surprise no one.


the b the a the b the b the y

little prince blanket. It'd be funny if I never put an unobfuscated picture on here, huh?

Hey! The point and clicker is back! I got a Nikon this time. My first foray. I think it looks like it'll work, and it's way more pocketable than the Ricoh ff90d, which had a brickish quality to it. This Nikon is borderline digi sized. I loved the old one but it quit working. The camera repair place wasn't really looking to repair it, either. That's always such a sad conversation. I bought this $3 point and shoot from goodwill, came to value it at closer to $50-$75, and yet repairs would have been $90-$150. Point and shoot 35mm cameras are like paperback books. Use them, wear them out, and stick them on a shelf somewhere to gather dust when you're done. There's probably another around the corner for $25, battery and 30 year old color film included. I guess at that point the metaphor gets a little stretched.

This morning baby was being fussy, but he had a wet diaper. I changed him and put him in this contraption that jiggles, and he's chillin hard now. Baby has the cutest scrunchy faces when he gets upset. Like the literal baby he is, it gets all wrinkly and frowny. I let him cry hard for a while, just to see what it was like.


We had a secret hand signal if her water broke up on the stage.

At 9 months, you best believe you need a snack half way through. Thanks Snickers! Way to go P!!


huge rose bush

I haven't made a red sauce in a long time and there is a lot of pent up red sauce energy and ideas in this one on the stove top now. Yum! The yard flowers have been amazing this year.



Well, baby got here. Pics forthcoming. I have a few weeks off work, so it's full time fatherhood and one summer school class. Just enough.

We got a sleepy one, so far. Sometimes P will have to wake him up to feed him. We read somewhere today that newborns will have about 10 milk poops per day, so, you know, TMI. It's great being around the home. Lots of cooking, laundry, dishes, etc. P is on baby feeding duty. I'm in charge of swaddling (wrapping him up in blankets) and most of dog duty. He makes awesome noises (eagle, hawk, falcon mostly), he has huge baby feet and hands, and what looks to me like an enormous wing-span. And a whole head of hair, kind of a dark dirty blond. He is covered in fetus hair too, like a thin layer of baby fuzz all over his body. That'll fall out, and it probably has started to already. He's chugging milk and puking a ton too. We took our 2nd at home bath this morning, which he's not a huge fan of. He's doing pretty much all the baby things, except crying all night, so that's good. Come and meet him if you want. Email 51backflips@gmail.com to setup an appointment today, ha ha ha. Sweet!


lousiest record cover

baby is in the house. Please call and come meet him! I've been taking many baby portraits, and I have a lot of different films in the house for experimentation. Hope you like pictures of the cutest baby you've ever seen!



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Do date




full term, this has been p's default position. The lump keeps good company.

Tomorrow's the due date. We're going out for milkshakes. Booyeah





I was biking around and was climbing this enormous hill and found my self at the cemetery where my Grampa is buried. It was Memorial Day weekend and it's a National Cemetery, so I guess all vets? They had the flags out. The white one was for the Coast Guard.

Weird to go someplace you haven't been since a very discrete day only once 15 years ago, as a 7th grader.

His view to the side. I was thinking of lots of prayers to say on the walk up the hill to the Z section, but once I got there I forgot them all. I remembered them as I was walking back toward the gates, and figured that was close enough.

View up the hill. I also forgot to verify my exposure values-- these are underexposed by a stop. Whoops.

The view down the hill. Getting up there for Memorial Day weekend seems like a good maybe tradition to begin. RIP Grandpa, I wish I could have gotten to know you better.


sunny 16

cemetary and woodburn

I'm not terribly far off in my exposure calculations, below. A stop maybe? Up top was with the aid of a meter.


Perhaps the flash is the key to slide film? This looks pretty neat to me...

Down the street. P and I always shudder when there's tons of over-growth in the way of the sidewalk. This one was like an all-timer.


exposure off

powerpole, bushes, etc. Some strange road off 82nd.


the street between me and that


Eastern Gorge

Never used Fuji Astia before. It sure seems easier to use than Velvia. I have a roll of Provia loaded now in my 35mm camera, which I used a few years ago in NC I think. I'll probably use Astia again, rather than trying Velvia any more. These seemed to come out perfectly. We'll see how the Provia looks, though, in comparison. I'm really cranking out the slides!

economic indicators


monday still


Thanks to everyone that came out to our party yesterday. Last one without the babe! Good mix of folks too. One thing I learned was if you're trying to make new friends, you should be a little more personal in your invites. Unsigned mass-texts-- maybe not a great impression to make.. Eh, it's ok. A couple recent pics. Sort of.