I've taken few pictures lately, my schedule being grueling as it is. More than that, though, I haven't been able to think about it much lately. Being able to practice and dedicate a day a week to it, and time on other edges-- it's incalculably more valuable to me than having 15 minutes on an odd Saturday to shoot some pictures at whatever place I happen to be, regardless of the number of frames shot off.. Instead of f-stops and a path on which to walk, my mind is occupied by various time value of money calculations, computer and database jargon, and hypnotism scripts. I guess you can only have inane hobbies at the fore of your mind for so long, before you make hay or get busy otherwise.

At first this schedule was invigorating, but I'm on the edge of being burned out. I guess I'll have a bit of a summer break, in a few months. Of course, by then, we'll have other things to focus on.


skunkbay said...

Hang in there buddy. It is always darkest just before dawn.

John said...

I'm hanging! Thanks Al